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Get a consultation from gracepetals - Angel Card Reading and Western Astrology in Gießen - no waiting. 15-20 years of practice and skills in Western Astrology. Hello, welcome to my room. My current rate is 3.99 per minute. Sharing my gift with the world is the most precious thing to me.You can rest assured knowing I will provide you with accurate, honest and sincere answers to all of your questions. I will help straighten out any confusion about your life path, love life or make those connections you long to make. There is a realm beyond the physical and I act as vessel between these two realms. Please be considerate of the rules of the free chat room. The room is for connecting, a place to bring your dreams, concerns, questions and feelings. Let's chat so that you might learn a bit about me and how I express my spiritual gifts. I ask that you do not request a "free reading" or a one card answer. My readings are meant to provide insight and healing for your soul. I am serious about what I do, and why I am here. I use a unique oracle deck as a focal point only. I have spirit guides and Ascended Masters that I channel and receive information from. I am a gentle intuitive counselor. I am a teacher and mentor for many. My path is one that was predestined many, many lifetimes ago. I have been very empathic, since childhood. I am clairvoyant (see images) clairaudient (hear) and clairsentient (feel). I receive messages from guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, beings from other galaxies and God. I have been a Lightworker since the 1980's. I am an emotional and relationship healer. I am a Reiki healer, gifted to remove blockages and assist with chakra clearings. I may receive a past life connection,or connect with a loved one, should they have a message (this is dependent on their willingness to come through). I have a background in counseling, Conscious Evolution Coaching, Reiki, Touch for Health, basic aromatherapy, some astrology, and crystal work. I have been blessed with receiving MunayKi Rites. I have studied metaphysics and spirituality since the late 1980's. My life experiences have been many and varied. My soul made a decision to come to this planetary school, and learn through experience. My wish is to share those experiences with you on your journey. I spent over 25 years helping those in the correctional systems, and the mental and developmental health areas. I discovered that I had an ability to communicate intuitively with those who did not have verbal skills. I will give you a very honest and sincere direction to your inquiry. It is important to remember that we all have free will, and our paths are just that, our paths. The energy you bring to the reading, is where you are in this moment. I simply offer guidance and tools for your journey. Please remember the reading is for you. It is a violation to infringe on another's energy without permission. The future is based on probability. We walk alongside our guides, angels and spirits who have passed. We may sense them in the line of a song, a facial expression of another, we may hear their voice when we go to that place of love that we have in our hearts. I will help you connect with them, and your healing. What is your romantic direction? I will offer you honest and loving directions to take. ◄ My testimonials speak to my caring and compassionate nature, my gifts and awareness ► "She is very friendly and easy to chat with. She knows her stuff for sure. I did get a very good feeling about the reading, and it did help me to see things better." "What an amazing and compassionate reader! Picked up on the energy of the situation with a lot of accuracy! I am soooo ready to face what is coming up!!! Thank you soooo much Grace! Love and light to you! God bless you! I'll keep you posted." "It has been an amazing experience for me to connect with gracepetals. We had a deep connection and she totally felt where I come from and what are my aspirations and goals in this life. She is not only a gifted psychic but also a kind and gentle soul. In free chat she not only promotes herself but also talks about spiritual issues that interest the people in the room, in a way that makes you feel part of a group of friends, who all search for answers. I highly recommend her and I send love and light!' "This was scary! She knows so much, it was like she was there. Grace is a fantastic read! Don't wait at all.......better than spot on.. Grace is the real deal for sure.... It's like she has a magic mirror. Grace see's all and tells all. Oranum's best!!!!!" I am generally in the free chat late morning/ early afternoon and later in the evening. (EDT) Love and Light to you.

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